Best Songs in 2019 so Far – Best Music Hits 2019

Are you into music, or perhaps a great fan of music and you want to know the best songs in 2019 so far? Well if you want to know and download them then this article is for you. These songs are believed to be one of the best songs this year as they feature powerful lyrics backed up with important meaning.

Best Songs in 2019 so Far

As you know, there are so many different artists worldwide and we are doing a collection of the best songs in 2019 so far, meaning we are doing it worldwide. Now, this can be a bit difficult but I am sure you will be satisfied with the songs provided below. You see, these songs were selected based on the motive behind it and the instrumental.

List of the Best songs in 2019 so Far

Now we have finally gotten to the main discussion of the day, meaning no more beating around the bush. Some of the best songs in 2019 so far are;

  • Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have-But I have it by Lana Del Rey. The song is indeed a powerful one as you can find yourself singing along by hearing only the lyrics.
  • When I was older by Billie Eilish.  The song is indeed a soft, dark, intense and dreamy song as it is accompanied by an electronic pop touch.
  • No place by basket boys. The song no place is a soft nice and interesting song brought to us by basket boys. Instead of them sounding like the old fashion guy you already know, they turn things around and actually brought out life from the song.
  • Seven rings by Ariana Grande. This song seven rings is actually a love song from Arianna Grande. It might not sound like, much it is it quite the type of song, most people love.
  • Juice by Lizzo. A simple and heart touching song by Melissa Jefferson known professionally as Lizzo.

There you have it; above listed some of the Best songs in 2019 so far. You can easily download any of these songs from the official and biggest video streaming website of all time YouTube. Also, you can download the mp3 file from popular music download sites like waploaded, mp3jiuce and some many others more.

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