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A Facebook page is an online public profile page created by businesses and organizations to share information about the business. A Facebook page works much like a personal profile. The difference is that it has fans instead of friends unlike normal Facebook account or Facebook profile. These pages are publicly visible online and always post things like: status updates, links, events, photos and videos to their fans new feeds and walls.

Facebook Page

Facebook pages can be used to alert fans about upcoming products, promotions or deals to enable fans to participate on any or purchase some products. Like a normal Facebook account, Facebook pages are also used to create awareness for fans. It is no longer a new thing the population facebook has and a facebook page is sometimes the best way to bring people of common interest together.

Some benefits of Facebook Pages for business/celebrities.

Increased Exposure to potential customers/fans

It helps you to find more customers/fans on Facebook. If your page doesn’t help you to achieve, you need to find a way out.

Gather More Leads

Having people like your Facebook page is not enough to sustain your business. What if Facebook eventually ends one day? Therefore Facebook page helps you to gather leads in essence that you can add your customers/fans up using their email addresses so as not to lose contact with them if anything happens wrongly to your Facebook page.

Lowers Your Expenses

There is zero {0} expense when using a Facebook page to advertise, instead of making calls, sending text messages or transporting yourself to meet your customers/fans you can easily post your products deals and other business-oriented information on your page in other to reach your customers/fans. The Facebook pages save you from all this stress and expenses.

There can be lots of other benefits from Facebook pages to businessmen and celebrities.

Steps to Create a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are for business, brands, organizations and public figures to share their stories and connect with people. People who like or follow a Facebook page can get updates in news feed. To create a page follows the steps below:

  • Go to www.facebook.com/pages/create on your web browser.
  • Choose a page type.
  • Fill out the information required in the specified boxes.
  • Click on the “get started” link and follow the instructions given to you afterwards.

Note: anyone can create a Facebook page. However, only an official representative can create a page for business, organization, brand or public figures. A user can also assign basic responsibilities as regarding the Facebook page to other users, such as admin function. Creating a Facebook page is free and open to all users who have an account with Facebook.

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